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Over the course of the pandemic, Art and Music have been an integral part of the lives of the people we support. The "Forever Fly" project was created so that the people we support can express themselves through their artistic abilities, and add to the beauty of the garden area at Mainway. Our goal is to surround the back yard with colourful butterflies, created by the people we support, to showcase their transformation over the last couple of years. It seems fitting, as the gardens continues to attract many butterflies through the "Garden Buds" Program. Each individual and/or program were given butterflies to paint and then the butterflies are secured to the fence surrounding our gardens. People can paint one to honour someone they've lost, they love, to represent a cause they believe in.... anything that inspires them!

We have created hundreds of butterflies over the last few months and we are asking our community to help us continue to CREATE opportunities to inspire the people we support to LEAD others and BELIEVE in themselves.

Help Community Living Burlington continue to create opportunities by making sponsoring a Butterfly created by someone we support. Your individual name or company name will be added to each butterfly and help us making a lasting impact on our agency. 









Each sponsored butterfly will help:

  • Continue our CLB News Team & CLB Cheer Team on a weekly basis
  • Build new & exciting Virtual Programming for all participants
  • Discover new opportunities in the community to engage our participants and increase social capital
  • Assist the people we support to develop new skills and certifications to become leaders in our community. 
  • Fund supplies and equipment for new art projects
  • .... the possibilities are endless!

To donate, please choose the "FOREVER FLY" Project under the funding options. Your donation amount will determine which butterfly your name will be printed on. You may also choose to make an anonymous donation. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

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