What is LifeShare?

Through LifeShare, Ontario families and citizens (home providers) can offer a safe and nurturing environment for children and adults who have a developmental disability (home sharers).

LifeShare (also known as host family) is so much more than providing a room in your home.  Being a home provider means you're giving someone with a developmental disability "a place in your heart, a place in your home".

People who have a developmental disability are active participants in their communities. They are athletes, artists, students, employees, advocates, community volunteers, neighbours and friends. They're an important part of the community and contribute to the strength of our province.

LifeShare is a residential alternative option offered to children and adults who have a developmental disability.  This option enables families to share their home and provide support to the child or adult providing them with an alternative to living in one's natural home.  The children or adults living in LifeShare are able to benefit from the support of living with a family, while developing and experiencing the independence of living away from their biological home. We encourage adults to live as independently as possible in their communities.

The families who provide these opportunities to people who have a developmental disability are benefiting from the experience.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, to gain new knowledge and to contribute to another person's growth and development.  These families also realize reciprocal and intangible rewards while sharing and enriching lives of the people who share their homes.

LifeShare creates, as much as possible, a family atmosphere which includes structured daily routines, school attendance, dental and medical appointments, recreational opportunities, and visits to their biological home when appropriate.

LifeShare Providers Are Very Special People

Being a LifeShare provider is one of the most valued of professions. Being a professional caregiver is an extremely rewarding service to provide for someone who has a developmental disability.  LifeShare values each and every one of its providers and is very thankful for the amount of work and commitment they provide to those sharing their home on a daily basis.

Being a LifeShare provider is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Becoming a LifeShare provider requires a genuine and firm commitment to working with children and adults. We make every effort to ensure that applicants understand the commitment required and to assess the suitability of the prospective provider. Community Living Burlington's LifeShare team provides support, encouragement, regular relief periods, supervision and training as well as financial remuneration.

If you are ready to bring someone who has a developmental disability into your heart and into your home, contact Katie Iampietro, LIFESHARE Team Lead by email.


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