Community Living Burlington is committed to encouraging inclusive lifestyles for people that promote their independence, participation, and social capital in the community. 

We provide individualized housing support to help people reach their personal goals through their person-centred plans. A range of services and support models are offered;  including: 24-hour supported group living, Supported Independent Living and the LifeShare program. 


24-hour Supported Group Living


Community Living Burlington provides support to 30 residential group homes primarily across Burlington with two homes in Milton & Georgetown. We focus on safe, quality housing supports that enable people to create a home environment. 

The group homes are no different than any other home on the street, and the supports are designed to maximize community involvement and inclusion for each person. 

Person-centred planning is the foundation of the type of support provided by CLB and is reviewed at least once annually. CLB provides a varying level of support to meet the needs of the individuals who live in each home. We believe that each person is unique, and to be respected and empowered. 



Supported Independent Living 


People who choose to live more independently receive support from the Supported Independent Living (SIL) Program. 

Community Living Burlington offers varying amounts of support to each individual in this program. Support can be offered in their own apartments or in their family home. We provide assistance in developing skills in the areas of household management, budgeting, self-care, menu planning, and assistance with appointments and accessing other community resources to enhance their quality of life. 


LifeShare Program


"A place in your heart, a place in your home". Adults are matched with a family or individual in the community who provides support and life skills training in their own home.

To learn more about the program and how you can become a provider, please visit our LifeShare page. 


Access to group living, Supported Independent Living and the LifeShare Program starts with contacting the DSO. We recommend families contact the DSO to begin the assessment process. 


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