Judy Pryde

Executive Director

Margot Sane

Director of Operations

David Capek

Director of Finance

Tajinder Hundal

Director of Human Resources

Bonnie Aura

Associate Director

Traci Hurley

Associate Director

Wendy Pavao

Associate Director

Emily Huang

Senior Manager, Resource & Community Development

Candice Keem

Senior Manager, Community & Program Development

Gema Rondon

Senior Manager, Complex Care

Chrystlyn Thompson

Manager of Day Services

Dayalini Mathai

Manager of Employment Services & Volunteers

Shawn McInnis

Manager of Operations

Nadina Toric

Manager, Children Inclusion Services

Alan Kirkby

Manager, Programs

Barb Bosma

Manager, Programs

Patricia Ferrie

Manager, Programs

Shannon Teiko

Manager, Programs

Renee Myers

Manager, Scheduling

Theresa Kiehn

Manager, Programs

Colleen Jones

Manager, Programs

Derval Rowe

Manager, Programs

Mercy Adeyanju

Manager, Programs

Monique Mascoll

Manager, Programs

Russ Weber

Manager, Programs

Shama Kumar

Manager, Programs

Tisha Forbes

Manager, Programs

Dimitra Stathakos

Assistant Manager, Complex Care

Alison Hird

Systems Coordinator

Diana Yousef

Human Resources Coordinator

Sara Hignell

Human Resources & Program Supports Coordinator

James Raeburn

Virtual Programming Coordinator

Chris Hobbins

Accounts Payable, Finance

Teresa Van De Kraats

Accounts Receivable, Finance

Jasmine Robb

Fundraising & Communications Coordinator

Heather Martell

Payroll, Finance

Ciann Morgan

HR Recruiter

Edith Lamptey

Admin & Finance Assistant

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