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Community Living Burlington strives to be the service provider of choice by offering a variety of programs and classes to help people develop independence, build social, emotional and community-participation skills, encourage learning and personal development, and provide respite to parents and caregivers.

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Start it Right

Start It Right is a transitional day program that takes a holistic approach toward building essential life skills for people to live a healthy and active life. Start It Right has three streams focusing on healthy living, recreation and leisure, and vocational training.

Location: Compass Point Church - 1500 Kerns Rd., Burlington, ON L7P 3A7

Life Skills

Life Skills offers participants the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities designed to enhance skills of daily living. Life Skills help people build social, emotional and community-participation skills.

Location: 3057 Mainway Burlington ON L7M 1A1

Afterschool and Respite Program

The Afterschool and Respite Program provides a safe and caring environment to allow parents and caregivers an interval of rest from their busy schedules. Respite runs Mondays to Fridays from 2:30pm to 8:00pm. 

Location: 3057 Mainway, Burlington ON L7M 1A1

Tansley Woods Seniors Program

This unique program engages seniors within their local community. The goal of Tansley Woods is to reduce isolation and increase participation among seniors who are vulnerable to becoming isolated, depressed and at risk for various health issues.

Location: Tansley Woods Community Centre - 1996 Itabashi Way, Burlington, ON L7M 4J8

Questions? Contact: Chrystlyn Thompson (905) 336 2225 x 258

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